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  1. Hi Constance, thank you for your great article! Have you tried another free app called My Whoosh? definitely one worth adding to the list IMHO

  2. Hello, Constance,
    I’ve been using a Wahoo Kickr SNAP for 3 years since March 2020. The resistance has always been ridiculously heavy and, therefore, my recorded speed and power absurdly low – on the order of 20% to 30%+ off – no matter how many times I conduct a spindown or even a factory spindown. Of course, there’s no way that I can actively control the resistance level; the product is just an arcane “black box” that’s supposed to calibrate itself when you follow the instructions – which it doesn’t. Interactions with Wahoo Customer Support have helped marginally at best.
    Do any of the aftermarket apps – particularly the free ones – allow one to adjust the resistance or otherwise “fool” the Kickr into not putting out such an excessive load?
    Your thoughts are appreciated!

  3. Might want to mention MyWhoosh and IndieVelo as free Zwift alternatives. Free. As in nada to pay. That’s not to say they will be free forever, but for now, they are with no plans to start charging. Yet.

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