About Me

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Constance and I define myself as a Triathlete, which sounds super cool 🙂

A bit of background about me

I am French and grew up playing tennis as my weekly sport, it’s quite a common sport in France.

After my studies, I found a job in the UK and lived there for 6 years. This is when I first discovered road cycling.

The start of road cycling

For some unknown reason, I always felt like I wanted a road bike. But I really can’t tell you why because I didn’t know anyone who owned one at the time and I had never watched the Tour de France.

But one day I decided I wanted to buy a road bike. I went to different bike shops and finally found a bike I was comfortable riding. It took some time as I am quite short (5’1”).

From that moment, I joined a cycling club and registered to several ‘road sportives’ (UK cycling events) with my friends. One of them was an 80-mile ride which was really tough for my level at the time. But I have fond memories of it and I think that’s when I started being addicted to cycling.

Going down Mont Ventoux

The start of triathlon

A year after starting cycling, I signed up for a super sprint triathlon as a challenge (0.3mi swim – 8mi bike – 1.6mi run). I was definitely overly trained for the cycling part of this event. But my running skills at the time were low: I could manage to run 3mi but not more. And my swimming skills were non-existent (meaning I hadn’t swum a single lap since I was 10 years old).

But guess what: I LOVED the event! The adrenaline boost rushing through me! The overwhelming stress in the transition zones. The feeling of running with wet socks… It was a great experience and I had lots of fun!

So a few weeks later I joined a tri club and started training and I haven’t stopped since.

Anyway, Welcome to the Blog! I hope you enjoy the content!