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  1. Thanks for the guide, it really helps. One thing I could not find is if you have a Garmin watch with built in HR will it also Publish to Zwift?

    1. Hello Hugo, I confirm you can send your Garmin watch built-in HR to Zwift. You must enable the HR broadcast mode on your watch and then in Zwift Connect (or Zwift directly depending on your setup) you can detect your watch HR and connect to it. It will then show in-game and be saved with your ride.

  2. Hi Hugo

    I am working out on the turbo using a kikr core and it is connected to the Wahoo RGT virtual cycling world

    other than a manual input from the strava exported GPX file [wahoo sends the file to strava] is there another way of using say zwift to get the workout transferred into garmin connect

    i want that info in there for all of the obv reasons

    1. Hi Aidan, since you posted your comment I have published an article to cover how to send data from Wahoo to Garmin Connect.
      Wahoo RGT is a bit different as the workouts don’t go through Wahoo Fitness app. And Wahoo RGT does not allow sending workouts to Garmin Connect (as of today). You might have considered recording your rides with Zwift (or with a Garmin Bike GPS) in parallel to RGT. But Wahoo Kickr Core is known to struggle to connect to 2 devices at once and you might have disconnection issues while riding. Therefore, with RGT, you have to manually upload your activities to Garmin Connect.

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