Best rocker plates for Wahoo Kickr

If you have got a Wahoo Kickr turbo trainer and looking for a rocker plate: you are in the right place! Let’s see what are the best rocker plates available in the market in 2021!

If you own a different trainer and are looking to buy a rocker plate, go check out this article I wrote where I compare a large number of rocker plates and give you a selection of the best and most universal ones.

The Short Version

The best rocker plates for Wahoo Kickr smart trainers are:

Best rocker plate (not Kickr Climb compatible): Inside Ride E-FLEX

Best US-based rocker plate: Velocity Rocker

Best UK-based rocker plate: TurboRocks Realplate React full-motion

The Long Version

Designed to get a more realistic road feeling when indoor cycling, the rocker plate will allow you to tilt on the side while on the turbo trainer. It brings many benefits to the rider such as improving saddle comfort, engaging the core, improving pedaling form, etc.

I wrote a separate article on rocker plates and everything you need to know about them which details each of these benefits. Feel free to have a look here!

In terms of what makes a good rocker plate, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • large amplitude of mouvement when tilting side to side (to improve out-of-saddle form)
  • fore and aft motion (to reduce the stress on your body and make the out-of-saddle form more natural)
  • strong materials
  • good attachment of the trainer

And for your Wahoo Kickr, you probably wonder if you can use it with the Kickr Climb* or not. Even if you don’t own a Kickr Climb yet, you still have the opportunity to buy one later on.

*The Kickr Climb is an indoor grade simulator designed for the Wahoo Kickr Turbo Trainer. It simulates the slopes when riding indoor. Feel free to check Wahoo’s website for more information.

Best Rocker Plate (not Climb compatible):
Inside Ride E-FLEX

Inside Ride E-Flex Rocker Plate


  • Specifically design for the Wahoo Kickr
  • Allows side motion
  • Allows fore/aft motion
  • Allows steering control
  • Compact compare to other types of rocker plates


  • Not compatible with Wahoo Kickr Climb
  • Only compatible with Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo Core turbo trainers (in case you change turbo trainer at some point)
  • Steering control is not compatible with Zwift
  • Full unit less stable due to a narrow base

COST: $449


The Inside Ride E-Flex rocker plate is definitely the best value for money if you do not care about having the Wahoo Kickr Climb. This rocker plate is very innovative. Specifically designed for the Wahoo Kickr, it is not made from the usual wood boards and inflatable balls of traditional rocker plates designs.

What’s great about this rocker plate is the way its tilting side to side: it is channeled through the pedal unlike standard rocker plates. It makes the motion very realistic. Also, it includes a steering control which helps with the rocking motion.

Its compact design makes it perfect for people living in apartments since you can move the elements easily if you need to.

The only drawback with this design is that it is not compatible with the Wahoo Kickr Climb. Don’t try to remove the front platform to put your Climb instead: it is a recipe for disaster!

If you wish to see a demonstration of the Inside Ride E-Flex, just watch the video below:

Best UK-based Rocker Plate:
Velocity Rocker

Velocity Rocker – rocker plate


  • Allows side motion (total of 15°)
  • Allows fore/aft motion: 165mm (6.5″)
  • Compatible with Kickr Climb
  • Strong plywood material
  • Compatible with many turbo trainers (not just the Wahoo Kickr)
  • Led RGB ligths to make your rides more fancy 🙂


  • Expensive

COST: $675


The Velocity Rocker is a great rocker plate with a standard design that allows side-to-side motion as well as fore/aft motion. It has a 15° motion on the side which is loose enough to let you have a correct out-of-the-saddle form. The fore/aft motion is essential and is working well.

It is made of baltic birch plywood which is very strong. It is available in the US with free shipping. It includes rubber feet and pads to prevent damaging or scratching your flooring.

And it comes with an element of fun: a set of led lights that you can control with an app to color your rides or with Alexa (google assistant voice control) during your rides. Have a look at the video below to see how it looks like.

Best UK-base rocker plate:
TurboRocks Realplate React full-motion

TurboRocks Realplate React full-motion


  • Compatible with Wahoo Kickr Climb
  • Compatible with Elite Sterzo steering device
  • Very strong material used (good quality and thick enough) -> durable!
  • Allows side motion: total of 14.4°
  • Allows fore/aft motion : 240mm (9.4″)
  • Strong plywood material
  • Compatible with many turbo trainers (not just the Wahoo Kickr)
  • International shipping (around $140 for the USA)
  • Spare ball, needle and pump included


  • Hard to find any!!
  • Just be careful not to pump the inflatable ball above 10psi or it will break.

COST: £449 (or $620.10)


The Realplate react full-motion rocker plate is definitely the best rocker plate available on the market. This model is made of very strong and good quality ply birch wood and coated with a protective non-slip coating which makes it easy to clean off the sweat after a tough training session.

I have been using this rocker plate for a few years now and I am very pleased with it. It’s very simple to keep it clean and in good condition. In terms of maintenance, you just need to put a bit of oil from time to time on the fore/aft mechanism.

With this rocker plate, you can adjust easily the pressure inside the inflatable balls. I initially pumped them too much but now with time, I find it more comfortable to use the full range of the side-to-side motion of the rocker. It’s very easy to adjust: the less you inflate the balls the more motion range you get side-to-side.

I would like to add that in my experience, Turborocks is a great company with good customer support. They ship their rocker plates internationally and I can assure you it works very well.

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