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  1. Hello, nice report! Are there differences to follón a route between 245 and 255 by the latters barometer? I mean, only following the routes path the most accurately without getting lost..

    1. Hi Daniel, to follow a route hiking you won’t see a difference between 245 and 255 watches. It’s just the accuracy of the elevation that will be off a bit without the barometer. But it won’t affect the trace because it relies on the GPS.
      Elevation can be useful to know how far off you are from the summit for instance, and having a barometric altimeter will allow you to have the elevation profile of the route you want to follow. So you know how much climbing or when it goes up or down. This is not available on the 245.

  2. I cannot thank you enough for this fantastic overview- every question answered and anticipated rather than just recommending the same two affiliated products. Hugely appreciated, thank you!

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