Changing a Timex Ironman Watch Battery

Timex Ironman watches are great watches. They are solid and have long-lasting batteries. But these batteries eventually need to be replaced. The good news is that it’s very easy to know what kind of battery your watch needs and how to replace it.

When you’re changing a Timex Ironman watch battery, look at the bottom of the battery case to know which battery it requires. Remove the retaining screws with a micro screwdriver, then pull out the old battery. Place the new battery in the Timex Ironman watch and seal the retaining screws.

Throughout this post, we’ll explain whether or not you can change your Timex Ironman’s battery, how long the battery typically lasts, and what kind of batteries you’ll need for these high-quality watches. Enjoy!

A Timex Ironman Watch – Image courtesy of Ben Schumin

Can You Change a Timex Ironman Battery?

You can change a Timex Ironman battery because they all have removable batteries. Look at the bottom of the case and locate the retaining screws to know how to change the battery. Some Timex watches have rechargeable batteries, so they don’t need to be removed or replaced every time they run out.

Changing a Timex Ironman battery is the same as changing almost any other watch battery. Most modern digital watches require button batteries, which are the tiny circular ones. They’re secured with multiple screws and a plastic or metal retaining bracket.

A CR2016 button battery in a Timex watch

Unless you have a Timex Ironman smartwatch, you’ll eventually have to replace the battery. Ironman smartwatches only last about one to two days, but they can be recharged via a provided charging station.

Like most smartwatches, it’s best to send your Timex Ironman smartwatch to the manufacturer to replace the sealed battery since there usually aren’t any accessible retaining screws. Removing the rear plate on a smartwatch could void the warranty, too.

How Long Does the Battery of a Timex Ironman Watch Last?

The battery of a Timex Ironman usually lasts 4 years. Using the Indiglo function may reduce its battery life but it should last at least 2 years. In particular, Ironman digital models last longer than regular analog watches. That’s one of the main reasons to buy a Timex Ironman watch.

Ironman watches are designed to withstand time and rough usage, including many sports such as swimming, running, hiking, or cycling. You can make one of these watches your go-to timepiece for many competitions down the road.

So, what affects how long your Timex Ironman watch battery lasts?

  • Using the backlit function too much – also called Indiglo – will undoubtedly wear down the battery.
  • If your Timex Ironman watch battery isn’t tightly sealed, dust and moisture can get into the battery terminals, which will eventually break it.

Going too deep underwater may also cause water to go in since the seal won’t be able to withstand the high pressure. So make sure to check its water resistance to know its depth limit.

What Kind of Battery Does the Timex Ironman Watch Use?

Timex Ironman watches use various batteries depending on the model, including CR2025, CR2016, and CR1620. You can locate the type of battery your Timex Ironman watch needs by looking at the engraved letters on the bottom of the watch. They always start with “CR,” followed by four numbers.

Nowadays the most common Timex Ironman batteries are CR2025s. But it is not uncommon to find ones with CR2016s, especially older models. I usually buy the CR2025 batteries from Panasonic on Amazon, they are great in my opinion.

Timex watch model
Compatible battery
Ironman T5E901 | 38 mm
Ironman Classic 30 | 43 mm
Ironman Classic 30 | 38 mm
Ironman Classic 30 | 34 mm
Ironman T300 | 41 mm
Ironman T200 | 42 mm
Ironman T5E901 | 38 mm
Women's Ironman Transit | 33 mm
Ironman Transit+ | 33 mm
Ironman T5K195
Ironman Essential 10 T5K608
Ironman Pulse Calculator T5K187
Ironman Endure 30 Shock
Ironman Classic 5K198
Ironman Sleek TW5K97700 | 38 mm
Vintage Ironman Shock

If your watch isn’t on this list, here are the three locations where you can find out what kind of battery your Timex requires:

I suggest opening the back of your watch and looking at the engraved CR numbers, that’s the safest way to know. You will need to open your watch anyway!

How To Change a Timex Ironman Battery

To change a Timex Ironman battery, follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the four to six screws on the backside of the watch. Most ironman watches need micro screwdriver kits, also known as precision screwdrivers, to remove the screws. If you don’t own one yet, this kit from Amazon does the job pretty well!
  2. Lift the retaining bracket off of the battery and set it aside. Don’t throw this away. This bracket prevents the battery from loosening while running, swimming, jumping, and so on.
  3. Pull the old battery out of the watch and clean the battery terminals. You can use a dry microfiber cloth or a Q-tip to remove rust, build, and other debris. Thankfully, Timex Ironman watches are sealed efficiently, so you won’t have to clean them for too long.
  4. Put the new battery in its place, then replace the retaining bracket. Make sure the terminal touches the watch’s terminal to ensure a solid connection. The engraved steel should face outward, which is the side with the numbers facing up.
  5. Seal the watch with its screws and turn it on. You should be able to navigate through the menus, set the time, and enjoy the numerous features of your watch.

If you prefer a video tutorial, review this helpful YouTube guide about Timex Ironman battery replacements:

Final Thoughts

Timex Ironman watches require specific batteries, but the replacement instructions are the same for all of them. You can keep a spare battery on hand, but you likely won’t need it too often since they last a few years. Good luck!

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