Are you supposed to bring your bike to a triathlon event?

Triathlon events are a combination of 3 sports where you swim, bike, and run. Beginners may wonder if a bike is provided during the event. Bike logistics can be a nightmare, especially when the race is far from home. So it makes sense to wonder if you must bring your bike to a triathlon race.

So in this article, I will tell you if you need to bring a bike for a triathlon or an ironman. If the organizer can provide a bike or not, and the types of bikes that are allowed.

Let’s make sure you are ready to race!

Do you have to bring your own bike for a triathlon?

You need to bring a bike for a triathlon, bikes are not provided by the event organizer. You can borrow a bike from a friend or family, rent a bike or bring your own bike; it doesn’t matter as long as you have a bike for the event. It is not necessary to use a triathlon bike, almost any bike will do.

Are there any rules about the bike for a triathlon?

There are some bikes that can’t be used in triathlon but not many. To summarize, any average-looking bike will be ok. If it is not too wide, too long, or too low, it is generally ok. There are also some rules with regard to the use of aero bars and disc wheels, but for the type of bike, it’s really open. Mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and road bikes for instance are all welcome at triathlon events.

If you want to know more, I have written a dedicated article about the bike limitations in triathlon (and Ironman).

Does the bike have to be yours?

To participate in a triathlon, you need to bring a bike but the bike does not have to belong to you. The organizers won’t ask you for proof of ownership 😉

But please avoid stealing a bike to race 😉

Where can you find a bike?

If you do not own a bike and want to race a triathlon, you can:

  • Borrow a bike
    • from a friend
    • from family
    • from a fellow triathlete
    • from a colleague
  • Rent a bike
    • nearby the event
    • near your home and transport it to the event

Always remember to try the bike before racing with it. Make sure it is your own size and that you feel comfortable with it!

How to bring your own bike to the event

It is best to do your first triathlon nearby your home place so you can just cycle or drive to the event. It is always possible to fit a bike inside a car. If you do know how to do this, check out these guidelines I wrote to help you fit a bike in your car. No need to buy a bike rack! 🙂

If you have to travel further to get to an event, and you wish to bring your own bike rather than rent a bike over there, you should consider buying a bike travel bag to facilitate the transport of the bike. It is quite common for triathletes who want to race famous Ironman events across the globe for instance to fly their bikes. I have owned this bag for a couple of years and I quite like it because you only need to remove the wheels and it fits different types of bikes (road to mountain bikes). Some people prefer fully hard cases but it can be difficult to fit the bike inside.

Cat wanted to travel in the Evoc travel bag

You can also use a bike transport service such as TriBike Transport for around $475. Not a very cheap option, but the service is premium. Your bike won’t be disassembled and it will be directly brought to the event. You may find other options around $200 to $300, but they won’t bring your bike directly to the event as TriBike Transport does, and you will need to pack it which often means disassembling the bike.

Do you need to bring your own bike to Ironman?

Ironman events do not provide bikes, therefore you have to bring your own bike to the race. You can also use a rental bike to race but remember to try out the bike first or rent something similar to what you own. The time spent on the bike will be long and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or injure yourself due to a bad fit.

Of course, for an ironman, there is no obligation to bring a triathlon bike. Several types of bikes are allowed. If you want to know more, I have written a dedicated article about the bike limitations for Ironman events, including the rules for aero bars, disc wheels, etc.

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