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  1. Hi Constance, thanks for the article. I found it while searching to see if there is a way to accurately count the steps I take while walking on a manual treadmill at my desk at work. You mentioned exactly what I was thinking: that step measurements from the ankle would be more accurate, but I have an additional question: what if I want to keep my main Garmin watch on my first, but if I have another (Garmin) watch that I’d put on my ankle simultaneously, exclusively in order to more accurately count steps? Question: if I record steps simultaneously on two different Garmin watches linked to the same Garmin Connect account, would I get the summation of those steps? Seems like this gets too complicated, and there is really no good solution to accurately count treadmill desk steps, unless I put my primary watch on my ankle instead of my wrist. Is that your assessment as well?


    1. Hi Cameron, if you record your steps with 2 watches, it will sum-up the steps from each watch. If you only connect one of these watches to Garmin Connect (and not the other one) you should be able to record only the data from the one on your ankle and still see the data you wish on your wrist. I guess that’s the compromise.

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