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    1. Hi Dan, there is no badge for doing all workouts in Zwift. But there is the “sweat!” badge for completing your first workout.

  1. Congratulations – this is the first coherent post I have found (including Zwift’s own ones) that explain the hot mess that is the Achievement section. It’s worth noting that the overall number of badges available goes up whenever you unlock a hidden badge. My current ‘maximum’ is only 195 as the two extra credit badges for running remain hidden. I don’t run on Zwift (and never will) which makes it impossible to achieve 100% completion. It would be an easy fix for Zwift to separate the totals for both sports and have it combined for dual-sport athletes, but it has been like this for years so I suspect Zwift and the majority of Zwifters don’t care about this feature.

  2. Thank you Constance for such a readable and useful summary of a rather confusing aspect of the Zwift experience

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