The complete list of Zwift badges and how to get them

If you are new to Zwift, you might have heard about Zwift badges. But where to find them, how to get them, how many are they? … Let’s see all of this in this guide about Zwift badges and achievements.

What are Zwift badges?

Zwift badges are achievements inside the game for completing specific routes or achieving a specific goal like reaching 100kph. Badges exist for both cycling and running. Each time you earn a badge you will get bonus points (XP) associated with it. This will help you level up in the game.

Zwift badges are a good incentive to keep riding and exceed ourselves. In my case, it has motivated me to ride difficult routes just in order to get the badge and associated bonus points.

How many Zwift badges are there?

In total there are 168 badges on Zwift to obtain. 144 badges related to cycling, and 24 for running. They are divided into different categories: badges about route achievements and badges about meeting specific conditions in the game to get it.

Zwift also gives you badges when you enroll and complete a mission, or when you complete a training plan. I didn’t count them in the total number as it’s difficult to know how many you can get. Let me show you what I completed on my profile:

Let’s see in detail the number of badges per category and how to get them.

General Badges (12 badges)

Zwift general badges

In this general badge category, you find the following badges:

  • Habitual: Ride 10 km in a single activity 3 days in a row.
  • Addicted: Ride a lap 7 days in a row.
  • Working from home: Ride 10 km in a single activity 14 days in a row. Receive 10 Ride Ons in one ride.
  • You’re popular: Receive 10 Ride Ons in one ride.
  • Ride on: Give 3 Ride Ons.
  • Big fan: Give 30 Ride Ons.
  • Fan club: Give 100 Ride Ons
  • Paparazzi: Fan view for 15 minutes.
  • Into the wind: Did a u-turn.
  • Statistician: Connected your Strava® account.
  • Paired: Pair Zwift Companion (ZC) with Zwift.
  • Sweat!: Completed a workout.

Cycling Badges (17 badges)

Zwift cycling achievements

In the cycling achievement category, you find the following badges:

  • Can’t stop now: Ride 10 mi in 1 activity.
  • Marathoner: Ride 40 km in 1 activity.
  • 100 clicks: Ride 100 km in 1 activity.
  • No big deal: Ride 100 mi in 1 activity.
  • Whoa nelly: Break 30 mph.
  • Speed demon: Break 40 mph.
  • Daredevil: Break 50 mph.
  • Sprinter apprentice: Hit 500 Watts.
  • Lit: Hit 600 Watts.
  • Circuit breaker: Hit 700 Watts.
  • Master drafstman: Draft with another rider for 15 seconds.
  • Jelly: Hold over 500 Watts for 10 seconds.
  • Warmed up: Do 5 Volcano circuit laps in 1 activity.
  • Hot head: Do 10 Volcano circuit laps in 1 activity.
  • On fire!: Do 25 Volcano circuit laps in 1 activity.
  • Avid climber: Climb Alpe du Zwift 5 times.
  • Masochist: Climb Alpe du Zwift 25 times.

Running Badges (11 badges)

Zwift running achievements

In the running achievement category, you find the following badges:

  • Hot off the line: Run 1 mi in 1 activity.
  • First five: Run 5 km in 1 activity.
  • Gimmie ten: Run 10 km in 1 activity.
  • Runners dozen: Run 13.1 mi in 1 activity.
  • Centurion: Run 26.2 mi in 1 activity.
  • Street Cred: Run a total of 100 mi.
  • Pursuit of happiness: Run a total of 500 mi.
  • Earning the donuts: Run a total of 1000 mi.
  • Leg warmer: Run 1 mi in under 9 minutes.
  • Like the wind: Run 1 mi in under 8 minutes.
  • Engines are go: Run 1 mi in under 6 minutes.

Extra Credit (12 badges)

Zwift extra credit badges

The Extra Credit badges are hidden and only appear once you get them. This is the list of hidden badges you can get:

  • 100 KPH: You hit 100 km per hour.
  • Just scrape: You hit 800 Watts.
  • The blowdrier: You hit 900 Watts.
  • Premier Power: You hit 1000 Watts.
  • Off the rocks: You hit 1100 Watts.
  • 1.2 gigawatts: You hit 1200 Watts.
  • You’re famous: You receive 30 Ride Ons in one ride.
  • Bigger than Jensie: You receive 100 Ride Ons in one ride.
  • Everested!: You climbed 29,029 ft in 1 activity.
  • Lift off: You climbed Alpe du Zwift in under 1h.
  • Olympian: You ran a mile under 5 minutes.
  • Going the distance: You ran 26.2 miles.

Route Achievements (116 badges)

Route achievements are badges you obtain when you complete a route in Zwift. This includes the total list of routes available in Zwift in all different worlds.

There are currently in the game:

  • 105 badges available for cycling
  • 11 badges available for running
Example of badges I own in Zwift in cycling route achievements (click image to enlarge)

The list of all cycling routes sorted by difficulty is available in my guide about Zwift routes:

Where can you see your Zwift badges?

To see your Zwift badges, you simply need to go to the badges menu. Below are the steps to find your Zwift badges:

  • Launch Zwift app
  • Start riding
  • Press ‘MENU’
  • Go to ‘Badges‘ (icon on the right)
  • Scroll to view the list of badges

The badges you own are the ones with a picture. If you see only the title, it means you don’t have it yet.

For the route achievements, you can easily check which routes you have completed before riding it.

Indeed, Zwift added in 2021 a feature that allows seeing if you own a route badge. As you can see in the picture below, there is a green tick next to the route I have completed and for which I own the badge like “Tempus Fugit”.

In this image, we can see that I don’t own the Mega Pretzel badge.

How to prepare for a Zwift badge hunt?

It can be a bit annoying to launch Zwift each time you want to prepare your next ride or check the badges you own. One solution for this is to go to On this website, you can create an account and save all the achievements you have made in-game and prepare your next rides. You can view the routes, profiles, distance, elevation and estimate how long it will take you to complete it. Perfect to plan your badge hunt!

This website is not connected to Zwift so you will have to select manually the badge you have and save it to your profile. Then it’s just a matter of selecting your new badges after completing a new route! It’s actually very rewarding to click on the badge on the website to memorize it.

How do you get the 100kph badge on Zwift?

Method 1: with a Power-up

  • Go to the Reverse Watopia Sprint
  • Get the Aero Boost Power-up
  • Then climb Epic KOM reverse up to the Radio Tower
  • Ramp-up the speed from the monument
  • Release the Power-up at the corner at the start of the descent
  • Pedal as hard as you can (biggest gear!) until you reach 100kph
Watopia sprint reverse location

Method 2: without a Power-up

In this case, you can either climb up to the Radio Tower or join a group ride on the Bologna TT circuit.

You will have to draft behind a group of cyclists from the top of the descent to reach the 100kph in the super tuck position. You need to be drafting correctly from the group of cyclists and not pedaling at all. You will reach 100kph near the end of the descent. Don’t be impatient.

Related question:

Which Zwift routes have I completed?

To know the routes you have completed in Zwift, you can either see the list in your achievements in “Start riding -> MENU -> Badges” or look for the green ticks when you select a route before riding.

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